Daily Devotion-April 12, 2021

Daily Devotion-April 12, 2021

Psalm 16:5-6

 Lord, you are the cup that has been given to me. You have secured an allotment for me. The property lines chosen for me fall in pleasant places. Yes, a delightful inheritance is mine.

 Dear Heavenly Father,

You have given to those who believe in you a most precious cup of blessing. Through your Son, you have given us a cup of salvation. While on Good Friday, he drank every drop of the cup of suffering you had given to him. Which he consumed for us, that was our cup, and in place of it, you have given us his righteous allotment. He took all the suffering that we should have and replaced it with his glory. Our allotment in heaven has been secured because of Jesus’ suffering and death. For all the saints—those who believe in Jesus and the forgiveness won for us—you have given us the property lines chosen for us, our home in heaven. Jesus said he would prepare a place for us, and this is a delight for us. Because of what Jesus did, his holy life, and innocent death, we are now heirs to heaven; we have become your adopted children by your grace and mercy. Moreover, we can now call you our Father, and heaven is our home. Amen

Vicar Roger Emmons

All that we have been given—forgiveness of sins, life, salvation, our inheritance, and our heavenly home —are a gift from God.