Daily Devotion-May 17, 2021

Daily Devotion-May 17, 2021

Psalm 119:130 

 The doorway to your words lets in light. It gives understanding to the inexperienced.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Since the fall of man, we suffer from sin’s darkness; we live in a dark world covered in sin. On our own, we cannot create any light. It has to come from somewhere, and that comes from you. When your word is opened, it allows for light to cut the darkness; the light overcomes sin’s obscurity every time;  your word shows us our sins. Paul said he would not know what coveting was unless the word had told him. We have your law written on our hearts, so we know right from wrong, but that does not show anyone how to overcome those sins. However, your word tells us how your Son came to this world, became our brother, lived a perfect life to credit us with His righteousness. Then he died an innocent death in our place. He overcame death, sin and defeated the devil for us. The doorway to your word illumines this. It brings comfort, life, hope, and salvation to those who do not know you and who suffer from the guilt of their sins. Jesus’ forgiveness is a free gift from you for everyone and received by the hands of faith. Thank you for this gift of an open door, and through it, you have shed your light on us. Today give us opportunities to share this gift with someone who needs your illumination. Amen.

Pastor Roger Emmons

If the door remains shut to someone, they will never see the light; use the crowbar of your witness to crack open the door to God’s word.