Daily Devotion-June 8, 2021

Daily Devotion-June 8, 2021

Malachi 2:10 

Don’t we all have one Father? Hasn’t one God created us?

Dear Heavenly Father,

You have created every person. The devil wants to confuse the world, creating divisions, highlighting each other’s differences as evil, rather than seeing the uniqueness you made in each person. He tries to push any and every narrative that stirs up anger and resentment because of differences. He wants to cause chaos, whispering, “others are judging you because you are different.” Lord, you placed us here at just the right time; you have beautifully and wonderfully made each person. While Satan continuously stirs up discontent in your creation, pointing out what seems to be greener grass on the other side of the fence. Give us strength to fight these temptations, knowing you have created us for a specific purpose, male and female; you have blessed us as who we are. There are things one gender can do that the other can’t, and that is ok. We are all unique to ourselves according to the way you have made us.

You have created each of us with free will to receive the words that would give us life or reject them. What divides the world is belief and unbelief in you. Not race, age, or sex, but whether or not someone knows, believes, and trusts in you as their God. The truth is you are one God and one Lord over all people; you created us all equally. The divisions the world creates are because of sin and discontentment. However, you sent your Son to overcome this by dying for the world’s sins. He paid for everyone equally, and his death can unite us all, shedding his blood for all racism, sexism, and all other “ism” of discontent we have. But it only comes to us through faith in Jesus, your Son who died for our sins. Lord, you are the one God that created us. Forgive us when we harbor anger toward someone else because of our differences. Send your Spirit to give us strength to love others, including our enemies. Amen.

Roger Emmons

Each of us has been created not different but unique and all by the same God, our Father.