Daily Devotion-July 12, 2021

Daily Devotion-July 12, 2021

Proverbs 16:8-9

Better a little with righteousness than a large income without justice. A person’s heart plans his way, but the Lord makes his steps secure.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your words give us instruction to be content with the gifts that you have provided for us. There is a difference between proper planning versus underhanded trickery and worry. We can plan out what we would like to do, and you make our steps secure compared to trying to get ahead with a conspiring plan on our own. Help us to be content with whatever gifts that you give to us. This serves as a good reminder that you sustain us no matter how much or little you provide for us and make our steps secure. We can look around and see how you support the animals in nature; you give the fish bugs to eat and the birds of prey with the fish; neither of them scheme to get more food. When we are concerned for our physical requirements, we need to remember you have taken on an even more substantial problem: our sins. You have secured our salvation through your Son’s life and death. Since you took care of our spiritual needs, we can be confident you will also take care of our physical needs. We remember you secure our plans according to your goodwill and purpose. Amen.  

Pastor Roger Emmons

Scheming to get yourself more makes no sense when you realize God takes care of your every need. Proof? He has already taken care of your salvation.