Daily Devotion-September 22, 2021

Daily Devotion-September 22, 2021

Isaiah 55:10-11

Just as the rain and the snow come down from the sky and do not return there unless they first water the earth, make it give birth, and cause it to sprout, so that it gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater, in the same way, my word that goes out from my mouth will not return to me empty. Rather, it will accomplish whatever I please, and it will succeed in the purpose for which I sent it.

Dear Heavenly Father,

It is always amazing to watch the rain and snow as it falls, and when they first start, those cold drops make you take notice. While those drops or flakes can be annoying as they hit a dirty windshield, the water and worn wipers cause steaking making it hard to see. Yet, the rain and snow are all part of the eco watering system you have put into your creation. The water is evaporated up and distilled from the massive oceans around the world. The clouds drop their moisture to water the earth and provide vegetation for the animals and people. Then the land filters the water, making its way back to the oceans to do it all over again. Looking out at the mountains and seeing the fresh snow on their peaks reminds us that you still control the weather. This example also reminds us of how you also send out your word. When you send it, it accomplishes that which you would have it do. To point out the people’s sins—the filth in our lives. Then realize we need the wipers of Jesus’ love to clean it away. Jesus came to this earth holy and perfect; like a charcoal filter on the cross, he took into himself all our sins then poured out his righteousness on us. Like a cloud, he was suspended between heaven and earth, shedding his blood like spring rain. Through his blood, our sins are washed away, and we have been given new life. Your word has accomplished that which you desire, which was life for a dead, fallen world. Send your Spirit to be with us and use us to sprinkle this dark world with your word. Amen.

Roger Emmons


Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church


When you shower people with God’s word, they become annoyed like fresh rain on a dirty windshield. You don’t realize the problems until you see the streaks. But God’s love washes and wipes all the dirt of sin away; through faith, we are delivered to life.