Daily Devotion-November 3, 2021

Daily Devotion-November 3, 2021

Psalm 30:4-5

Make music to the Lord, you his favored ones, and give thanks when you remember his holiness, for we spend a moment under his anger, but we enjoy a lifetime in his favor. In the evening, weeping comes to stay through the night, but in the morning, there is rejoicing!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You encourage us, who are your favored ones, to sing and make a joyful noise to you today. Even in loss, we can still give you thanks. We are all here for a short time on this earth, and you have numbered each of our days perfectly. You give us daily blessings, providing all that we need in life, and more importantly, you also provide for our deaths. We can never forget the depths of your love for us; you gave your Son for us all.

For this, we need to rejoice. You are a holy God, and we could not stand before you as sinners and as unworthy guests. We should have been thrown into hell because of our sins and imperfections. Instead, your anger was poured out upon your Jesus through his suffering and death on the cross. He suffered your rage in our place. He defeated death for us, so this death we endure is only a temporary death—a passing from here to eternity. Thus, we have an eternity of favor with you because of what he has done. For this reason, we should give you thanks.

Lord, when our lives come to a close, this is our victory. As a day comes to an end with the setting sun, so also do our lives. We close our eyes here for the last time and open them in heaven, where we will spend the rest of eternity with you. For our loved ones, it is ok for them to mourn our loss and remember this was temporary death for the body. Our soul remains with you with no more tears, pain, or suffering.

In mourning those favored by you and our loved ones, we remember them as believers who have experienced a new morning with you in heaven. For those who remain in your favor, we will be reunited in heaven. There will be much to rejoice and give thanks to because we too will be with you in heaven. Please help us focus on the joys of eternal life that those favored by you already have with you and our hope of everlasting life that will soon come to us. Amen.

Pastor Roger Emmons

In all things, rejoice, whether good or bad. Thank God that soon you will be home in heaven.