Daily Devotion-November 8, 2021

Daily Devotion-November 8, 2021

Galatians 5:1

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not allow anyone to put the yoke of slavery on you again.

Dear Lord Jesus,

You freed us from the sins that had enslaved us; our lot was hell and eternal death. We were enslaved to sin; there was nothing we could do to remove those shackles that had us bound to our suffering. But you came to this earth to be like us; you took on human flesh. You lived the perfect life in our place, fulfilling the demands of the law had placed on us. You did not come here to remove the law but to fulfill it for us. Then you suffered on the cross, taking all our sins into you; you removing those shackles of guilt and shame. You removed all the sins that separated us from the Father. Then you willingly gave up your life on the cross, bursting the lock of hell’s prison that kept us; you defeated death for us. All this you have done to win our freedom. Moreover, we still need you. Satan, the world, and even our own sinful flesh try to lure us back into those bonds of slavery, back into hell’s prison. We have choices every day to choose hate or love. Please send us your Spirit to work in us, giving us the strength to overcome the hatred and choose the love. Strengthen us to stand firm in you and not allow anyone to entice us into sin. Lord, we can only do this as you would give us strength. Amen.

Pastor Roger Emmons

Realize what Christ did for you and the release he won. Salvation is now yours because of his love for you.