Daily Devotion-November 13, 2021

Daily Devotion-November 13, 2021

Revelation 3:11

[Jesus said] I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have so that no one takes your crown.

Dear Lord Jesus,

What a beautiful promise you have given us! We have been blessed with your grace and mercy. This gift is given to us through faith in you by your Spirit. Through the forgiveness of sins, you delivered our crowns and made us heirs to heaven. A gift you won for us by your perfect life and innocent death. We do not deserve the gifts we have been given and dare not take them for granted. While you have made us your own, and you hold on to us to not allow anything to pull us from you. You warn us not to make light of your forgiveness; we can reject and walk away from you through faithlessness and sin. Lord, this is scary. I never want to be without you. Thank you for the opportunities you provide us to hear your word, strengthen our faith, and remain in your forgiveness. Never let me fall from your grace! When I see someone else jeopardizing their crown, please give me the words of encouragement for them to also hold on to you. Please help us watch out for one another so that none will lose the crown of life you have given us. We pray: “Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly.” Amen

Pastor Roger Emmons

No one can pluck us from God’s hand, but that does not stop us from sabotaging ourselves and running from God. Remember, we still have the sinful nature that would have us do just that.