Daily Devotion-November 15, 2021

Daily Devotion-November 15, 2021

Psalm 90:1-2 

Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from eternity to eternity, you are God.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for always being here and providing for us. While the universe seems to us to be so vast, you are greater than all of it. Yet you are close enough to us to be our home. Incredibly, you are the creator of such immensities—the solar systems—and yet the creator of such detail—things unseen by the naked eye. Lord, you would have all to be in your dwelling place, but sin is what separates us from you. Only one thing can restore us, and that is your forgiveness. We cannot work off our sins or forgive ourselves, but it has to come from you. Jesus has taken the punishment for what we have done, making the payment for all our sins. So we are restored to you and have you as our dwelling place. There is only one way to your dwelling place, and that is through Jesus’ forgiveness. There is no other God than you, and there is no other way than the Son. There is no other way to receive this gift other than through faith delivered by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being such a magnificent God who is far more superior than any problem we may face. Amen.

Pastor Roger Emmons

When you look at what seems to be the endlessness of space, realize God created that. When you have those things that trouble you, and even if they were more significant than the universe, they still are not greater than God. Rest securely in Him!