Daily Devotion-December 22, 2021

Daily Devotion-December 22, 2021

Isaiah 61:10-11

I will rejoice greatly in the Lord. My soul will celebrate because of my God, for he has clothed me in garments of salvation. With a robe of righteousness, he covered me, like a bridegroom who wears a beautiful headdress like a priest, and like a bride who adorns herself with her jewelry. For as the earth produces its growth, and as a garden causes what has been sown to sprout up, so God the Lord will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up in the presence of all the nations.

Dear Lord Jesus,

We have to rejoice with Isaiah because you have covered us in your righteousness. There is nothing good in us that we should desire you; everything we do is sinful. You found us in our corrupted, broken ways thrown out and abandoned like smelly garbage. Like the man beaten up by the robbers, the good Samaritan took in. It was you who took us in and washed us with your blood, cared for our wounds, and dressed us in white robes of your righteousness. Jesus, you lived the perfect life for all of us, keeping all the Father’s laws. But many did not see your life as unflawed. When they could not agree to what you had done, they accused you and twisted your words. They accused you of our sins, and for them, you were beaten and abused, threatened and tortured, crucified, and died. In your victory over death, you were even given a crown—a crown made from the thorns of a cursed ground when Adam fell. When you rose from the grave, the earth produced its growth. From the same ground that brought a curse also came righteousness and praise. Your resurrection gave us the assurance that the Father has accepted your payment for all our sins. We are now restored in holiness to the Father through faith in you. He sees the white robes you have given us; Lord, you have dressed us with the jewels of faith, hope, and love. Therefore, we are prepared for your kingdom and have become your heirs; eternal life is ours. Amen

Pastor Roger Emmons

When you realize where Jesus brought you from—sin and death—is there anything that can keep you from rejoicing in the Lord?