Daily Devotion-July 11, 2022

Daily Devotion-July 11, 2022

Psalm 25:4-5

Make known to me your ways, O Lord. Teach me your paths. Make me walk in your truth and teach me, because you are the God who saves me. In you, I hope all day long.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray with David’s words that we, too, would know the paths you have for us. Navigating this life can be challenging, and knowing which way we should go can be uncertain. You have given us your will in your word: to love you above all other things and to love others as we love ourselves. So, in our choices, when we consider our decisions, we should ask, “Is this all for me, or will it somehow impact others?” Lord, we pray when we are faced with these decisions, we will place you first and others around us and remember to love them. When both for seeable outcomes are in love, we bring our choices before you and ask that you would guide all we do. Realizing you will work the result in ways we have never imagined. Some paths may not be our choice but will benefit our salvation.

So we pray to please make your ways known to us, and when we fail to consider you and others first, putting ourselves first, please remind us how Jesus put us first. He willingly came to this earth to suffer our punishment for every time we miss love’s mark and sin. So we pray, as David wrote, “make me walk in your truth and teach me.” Keep us on the paths of Christian love and forgiveness toward others, for Jesus’ sake. Because he went to the cross for all our sins died that we might live, and it is through you, our God, that we are saved. Our hope rests on your love and forgiveness, knowing Jesus paid the penalty for all sins, so we have salvation.

Please allow us opportunities to demonstrate your love to others so that your ways might be made known to them, and they will also hope in you and be saved. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

God’s will for us in his word, He desires you to come to know him and to be saved from all your sins. He sent His Son to pay sin’s debt.