Daily Devotion-August 2, 2022

Daily Devotion-August 2, 2022

Psalm 119:130

The doorway to your words lets in light. It gives understanding to the inexperienced.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for being the doorway and the Word. This world is full of darkness; temptations come from all around us, wanting to pull us deeper into the darkness. Sin brought the covering into the world, and causes us to be separated from you, our God. And being separated from you, your true love is lost. As we fumble around in the dark without your love, we claim we know how to love others, but when we consider the world’s idea of love, it is the idea of loving ourselves, and those around us might receive some of the effects of our self-love. Sin is this; we indulge ourselves and try to make ourselves comfortable over loving you and others; this is the darkness. We wonder why the world is so evil, and that’s because it does not know you. It’s caught in the night of sin because they only try to satisfy themselves.

Thank you for these words from the psalmist because it is here that we are reminded of the light you brought into the world. You came to this world, gave us your message of repentance and forgiveness, and showered us with steadfast love. You came to this world as an infant and set aside your divine powers to become like us, part of your created order. You lived the perfect life not only as an excellent example of what was demanded of us but, more importantly, to credit us with your perfection.

John called you the Word and said you dwelt among us. You said you were the way to eternal life; no one comes to the Father but through you. The wage of our sins was death, and you paid that price for us when you willingly gave your life on the cross for our sins. So there, you restored us, and by faith, we receive your righteousness and forgiveness of our sins. Therefore, the faith the Holy Spirit started in us opens the door to heaven, giving the inexperienced understanding.

Your word, forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life are for everyone. To be shared with those who do not know you, strengthen my faith through your word that I have the confidence to share this good news—forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life—with someone today who does not know you that they can also come into the light of your word. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

When God’s Word is open by the Holy Spirit through faith, it gives forgiveness, mercy, and love. However, when someone rejects it or thinks they know better, they close the door, and continually closing it, the door could become locked.