Daily Devotion-September 6, 2022

Daily Devotion-September 6, 2022

1 Timothy 1:15-17

This saying is trustworthy and worthy of full acceptance: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners,” of whom I am the worst. But I was shown mercy for this reason: that in me, the worst sinner, Christ Jesus might demonstrate his unlimited patience as an example for those who are going to believe in him, resulting in eternal life. Now to the King eternal, to the immortal, invisible, only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You sent your Son to save all sinners, so we thank you. However, I sometimes feel like my sins are competing with Paul to be the worst of sinners. When I look at myself, I realize the extent of my sins, and I cannot compare myself to anyone else but the one who looks back at me in the mirror. When I sincerely consider what I have not only said and done but also what I think, my sins are piled high.

For this reason, you sent your Son, and he has demonstrated unlimited patience not only for Paul but also for me and all who believe in him. Jesus endured my punishment on the cross that I should suffer; he died the death for my sins that I should die. So because Jesus also rose from the grave, my body will one day be raised with him from the dead. We can never out-sin your love for us; this is a comfort for each of us. Because of your love and mercy, we have the sure promise of everlasting life for all who believe in you.

Lord, we give you glory and honor for all you have done for us. May we show our love back to you by sharing our good news with others who do not know you. We can testify about your love for us. Please fashion opportunities for us to share your love and mercy with others. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

When it comes to sin, we only compete against ourselves. So if you think your sins are too great, God’s love and mercy is even greater; forgiveness is yours through faith in Jesus. When it comes to love and mercy, God outdoes us all.