Daily Devotion-March 8, 2023

Daily Devotion-March 8, 2023

Ephesians 5:8

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.

Dear Heavenly Father,

It sounds strange to be called darkness, but before faith comes to a person, that is precisely who they are. Without Jesus with us, we are stuck in the darkness of our sins with no way to get out. Some get confused and think, “if only I could be a good enough person, I will be able to please you.” Once again, that’s one of Satan’s lies to be good enough. You require us to love everyone perfectly—including those who hate us—and love you perfectly. As Jesus said, “be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Anything less than that means we are stuck in the darkness of our sins.

While some might think this is just over the top, no one can be that perfect. You did not leave us in the darkness; instead, you sent your Son, Jesus, to live that perfect life in our place. He loved everyone, including his enemies, those that put him on the cross—us—perfectly. He died so that we would have life. Believing in Jesus takes one out of darkness and brings them into the light. Faith makes us children of the light, our sins are removed, and salvation is ours.

Paul also tells us to walk as one who believes in Jesus. This means loving you and loving those around us. So please send us your Holy Spirit to strengthen our faith so we can live our lives in ways that are pleasing to you, and forgive us when we fail. We ask that as we walk as children of the light, our actions do not go unnoticed by those who do not know you. Please let our actions of love and service towards others be an opening to tell them about Jesus’ love and forgiveness for them, and let those actions be faith’s seed planted in them; so that they will also know and trust Jesus as their Savior. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

Being moved into the light is all God’s work—Jesus suffered and died for you, and the Holy Spirit creates the faith. The result of faith in Jesus is being restored to the Father, where we have salvation and everlasting life. Our reaction is to love him back and love others.