Daily Devotion-March 13, 2023

Daily Devotion-March 13, 2023

2 Samuel 7:22

Therefore, you are great, Lord God, because there is none like you. There is no God except you, in keeping with everything we have heard with our ears.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray for our forgiveness for your Son, Jesus’ sake. When someone does us wrong, our first instinct is to hold on to that misery they caused us. Depending upon how severely they hurt us and how close they are to us determines our reaction. It might be a cold shoulder for those in our family and close to us, ignoring them for some time. However, for our sworn enemies, nothing less than a total retaliation to cause them more pain than they caused us will do. Yet, we must remember that we were born in sin, and because of our sinful natures, we had made you our enemy, but you do not react as we do.

Lord, you demonstrated your love to all people by sending your Son to take all the world’s sins into himself.  He suffered and died on the cross to restore us to you. Jesus’ death means that when we are plagued with some particular sins, we hand them over to Jesus, who took those sins to the cross with him, and they are gone. Then the punishment we deserve for those sins; is also gone, removed forever, and placed upon Christ; Jesus has forgiven our sins. So instead of condemnation, you give us salvation and eternal life. These gifts come to us through faith. Knowing, believing, and trusting what Jesus has done delivers your love and mercy to all who believe. Moreover, you sent your Holy Spirit to begin faith in us; please let us not reject your love but trust in your Son, our Savior.

Lord, you are the only God, and we pray for openings to share the good news of your love and mercy with those who do not know you. So that they, too, will have your gifts delivered to them and believe in Jesus as their Savior. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

There is only one true God. He wants you to know and believe in him, so he sent his Son to buy you back from your condemnation—to redeem you. Also, he sent his Spirit to deliver faith that you know your sins are forgiven and set you apart as holy—to sanctify you.