Daily Devotion-June 6, 2023

Daily Devotion-June 6, 2023

Isaiah 6:3

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Armies! The whole earth is full of his glory!”

Dear Lord God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Thank you for giving us this picture of heaven through Isaiah. He described heaven as you on your throne and your robe filling the temple. The seraphim—the angels—called out these words to one another about you. Lord, forgive us when we lose sight of who you are. Those angles testified to Your complete holiness, meaning You are without error, perfect, and just in all that You do; You are a Lord of order, and Your perfection is displayed there. They call out, “holy, holy, holy” for each member of the Trinity, our perfect Lord—three in one is holy.

Sin brought chaos into your perfect order, and in our sinful nature, we cannot fully grasp what it means to love perfectly. We miss the mark of perfect love and focus on ourselves. It is there we need you. Jesus, you were sent by the Father and came to live with us. Your salvational plan was to live that perfect life of love we could not; credit us with your perfection, then go to that cross to pay the price for all our sins. Then you and the Father sent the Holy Spirit. Dear Holy Spirit, you came so we would believe and be set apart as heirs to heaven.

When we think of love, we do not think of needing an Army, but you are the Lord of Armies because this world is under attack by Satan and all those evil angels that defected with him, along with the world which rejects you. Your army is all of creation, all the angels, and all believers. We regularly fight against Satan and the world’s attacks of hate and evil; love conquers hate. The world considers love as acceptance of their iniquity; however, love is this (as you demonstrated): holding every person accountable for what we have done; when we know our sins, we ask for your forgiveness—when we realize the error of our ways—then we trust and know that Jesus has forgiven every sin for us.

Through Your love and forgiveness, Your glory fills the earth. We pray that we can share this good news of your glory with those stuck in the chaos of their sins. Please allow us to tell them about your forgiveness so that you can begin faith in them, so they know you as their Lord and Savior. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

If you haven’t noticed, you live in a chaotic world. Order is only brought to us through God’s love and mercy. God is ready and wants to lavish you with his grace, mercy, and love. So we, too, sing: Holy, holy, holy is our Lord of Armies.