Daily Devotion-June 13, 2023

Daily Devotion-June 13, 2023

Proverbs 16:9

A person’s heart plans his way, but the Lord makes his steps secure.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You allow us to plan and discover those things to keep us busy while on this earth. We prepare for what we might do, and as Solomon wrote, you secure our steps. We can be confident that you will guide and direct our ways in all we do. Sometimes you allow some things to come to fruition, and other times you do not let them. However, we can be confident that you work all things together for our good; for all who love you and keep your commands.

Our eternal salvation is the most critical aspect of this life and is more important than anything we do now; to eventually live with you forever in heaven. Our salvation is where you make our steps secure. Lord, you went to the extreme of securing our steps by sending your Son to become part of your created order to live the perfect life in our place. Jesus then willingly went to the cross to suffer for all our sins, especially when those plans of our hearts tempt us into our sinful desires. So we ask that you would stop those plans.

Moreover, when in our hard-hearted ways, we continue to pursue that which is against your will and word, we pray for your forgiveness, which comes only through faith in Jesus’ suffering and death. We receive this gift of Jesus’ forgiveness through his blood and righteousness, which covers every sin. We may not understand all that goes into our salvation or eternal life, but we do know what You reveal in Your Word: Jesus lived the perfect life, died in our place, and rose on the third day, so we know You have accepted his payment for our sins. So allow us to hold to the promise and the assurance of Jesus’ forgiveness.

We also pray for those who do not know you. Lord, allow us to come into contact with them to share the good news of your forgiveness with those who do not know you. So that they will trust in Your Son and know that they, too, are forgiven and have eternal life. Amen

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

In all you do today, rejoice in knowing that whatever you do, your Father in Heaven is with you. He will sustain and keep you, and more importantly, he carried out his plan of salvation for you through his Son so that you are forgiven and have eternal life.