Daily Devotion-June 15, 2023

Daily Devotion-June 15, 2023

Psalm 28: 7 – 9 

The Lord is my strength and my shield. In him my heart trusts, and I am helped. My heart also celebrates. With my song I will give thanks to him. The Lord is their strength. He is a stronghold of salvation for his anointed king. Save your people, and bless the people that belong to you. Shepherd them, and carry them forever.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for being our strength and shield; please let us hold to you in faith and lean on you when this world’s troubles assail us. You give us more than just relief from our daily troubles; you also restore us from all our sins, and for this, we celebrate the life you have given us. For all who believe in you, you have given the promise of everlasting life, and we are blessed by the salvation you have brought us. You have made salvation possible for all people through Jesus’ holy life and innocent death on the cross. This gift comes to us only by faith in Christ. It is in his redeeming work where life begins for us; by holding on to him in the trust the Holy Spirit began in us, we can now sing praises to you because we know we have complete forgiveness. Only by your plan of salvation are we saved; you delivered us by faith in your Son’s life-giving work on the cross. So we thank You for Your plan of salvation, which has set us free from all our sins.

Like a shepherd, Jesus brings us to green pastures and calm waters; we ask for his protection from everything that would destroy our faith. We know we need a shepherd for all the ways this world would challenge to annihilate us by tempting and enticing us from you. Forgive us for Jesus’ sake so that we have peace in His forgiveness and be restored to you; please keep our focus always on him, our good Shepherd.

As a result of all that you have done for us, let us also share the good news of our salvation with those who still do not know you; we pray for opportunities to share the promise of you being our strength and shield. Let the words we share be seeds of faith planted, which your Spirit can use to begin and grow faith in others; guide us to share our trust in you with them; please let this be our song of thanksgiving as we praise you to others. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

God demonstrated his power and protection by forgiving and shielding you from the world and temptation. Rejoice and sing praises for all that God has done for you to give you eternal life through Jesus’ redeeming work. By faith in him, you have eternal life.