Daily Devotion-October 31, 2023

Daily Devotion-October 31, 2023

Psalm 46:1-3

God is our refuge and strength, a helper who can always be found in times of trouble. That is why we will not fear when the earth dissolves and when the mountains tumble into the heart of the sea. Its waters roar and foam. The mountains quake when it rises.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Jesus told us there would be wars and rumors of wars and that these things must happen. Perhaps there is an underlying fear, when we hear of such things, that they will happen to us. Should they come our way, you have promised us to be our refuge and strength. We might bear the marks on our physical bodies and suffer mental scars along with them, but we have the promise from you that you will be with us. So, you stand with us in all the world’s chaos and sin. It does not mean we will be immune from the world’s trouble; we might even expect more as your believers.

All those wars and rumors of wars, hate, violence, bigotry, and evil do not come from you but from Satan and us, which is why you sent your Son to redeem your creation. Jesus came in perfection; he was without sin, so he could go to the cross and take all our sins into himself. In His death and resurrection, we are raised to new life with you; by faith in Jesus our Savior, we are given the sure hope of heaven and eternal life. So, this world can fall into the sea and be destroyed entirely because this life is temporary. You guard and keep us so that when this world turns on us as it will, we have the promise you are with us until this end and in the next life into eternity.

We know we can always call on, and you will always be with us, even before we ask for help. We ask that you allow us to share this good news as our fortress and protection with those who do not know you. May they hear of your love and forgiveness and trust in Jesus, their Savior; please send your Holy Spirit to work in their hearts so they will trust in Jesus and have nothing to fear. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

We need God as our strength and fortress because we are at war and under attack against Satan and all who follow him—whether they know it or not. Hold on to Jesus in faith; there, you are united to the Father, surrounded by Him as your refuge and strength.