Daily Devotion-November 4, 2023

Daily Devotion-November 4, 2023

Psalm 30:4-5

Make music to the Lord, you his favored ones, and give thanks when you remember his holiness, for we spend a moment under his anger, but we enjoy a lifetime in his favor. In the evening, weeping comes to stay through the night, but in the morning, there is rejoicing!

Dear Heavenly Father,

When we look closely at ourselves and know everything we do, think, and say, it is hard to see ourselves as favored. But the good news is our favor does not come from inside us. We were corrupted by sin because the image we received was from our first parents, Adam and Eve.

However, we rejoice and make music to you because you have favored us; it comes from outside of us. We have been clothed in your Son’s righteousness, which is no small thing. Jesus willingly came to this earth to defeat sin, death, and the Devil, so we now have your favor. The Holy Spirit established faith in us through the Word and sacraments so we know, believe, and trust in Your Son, our Savior. So, while in this life, we will have events and things that will cause us to shed profound tears of sorrow, you remind us in your Word that they are temporary—only for a moment. In our last moment on this earth, we have confidence in knowing and trusting our Savior suffered and died for us so that we will spend the rest of eternity with you in heaven; this is why we are here to be with you forever.

Please give us a song to sing in our hearts that rejoices, knowing we are in your favor. Let this good news of your favor—your love, mercy, and forgiveness—go out to those who do not yet know you. We pray for faith in their hearts that they will know your favor also. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

When you know that God has forgiven, redeemed, and restored you to himself and the extent he has gone to ensure you are saved—his Son dying on the cross for you. It seems natural to rejoice with thanks since we did not deserve that. It is because of God’s love you are favored.