Time for Grace-December 6, 2023

Time for Grace-December 6, 2023

Isaiah 35:3-4

Strengthen the weak hands, and make the shaky knees steady. Tell those who have a fearful heart: Be strong. Do not be afraid. Look! Your God will come with vengeance. With God’s own retribution, he will come and save you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

There are things in this life that come at us that we fear and cause us to be afraid. At the same time, we respect and admire your love for us and how you make us safe, and we fear and revere you.

So with Isaiah, we ask that You give us our strength and steady us by Your Word so that by trusting in You, we have nothing to fear—being afraid of what can harm us. No matter how frail a person may appear, their strength comes from their faith in seeking righteousness. Those, who trust and fear—revere—Jesus, have nothing to panic over because he has saved them and made them strong.

Righteousness comes from Christ; Your Son endured our punishment and suffered the cross for us so that every sin is wiped away. Jesus’ salvation is a gift for everyone.

However, not everyone will believe, and one day, You will come with Your holy vengeance against all the evil of the world; You will destroy those who do not trust in You, and they will be condemned to hell.

While this judgment is delivered to all who continue rejecting you, this judgment also saves Your believers. When we are received into You, You guard and keep us in Your care. That great and dreadful day will be a day of relief for all who have faith and trust in You.

Therefore, we have nothing to be afraid of when we fear and love you. Keep us steadfast in Your Word; let nothing separate us from You.

We pray also for those who do not know you. May we have opportunities to share your love and forgiveness with them so they will believe in the forgiveness Jesus won for them on the cross. Grant them faith to fear, love, and trust in you so they will not be afraid. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

God is loving and merciful; he protects his own who believe in him. With God on our side, there is nothing we have to fear.