Time for Grace-December 19, 2023

Time for Grace-December 19, 2023

Isaiah 7: 14

Therefore, the Lord himself will give a sign for all of you. Look! The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son and name him Immanuel.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Many might call this event the great miracle of Christmas, how a child would be conceived without a father. Jesus’ conception was challenging for the religious leaders; they judged him unfit for duty because they did not know who his father was. Mary went to visit Elizabeth and came home, obviously pregnant. Joseph had in mind to divorce her quietly.

You gave Ahaz this prophecy when he was concerned about Aram and Ephraim allying together to attack Jerusalem. You told him to remain calm, and when you told him to ask for a sign, he refused, but you gave him this sign anyway. Your Son, Jesus, was true God; he would be born in this unique way and walk among Your creation.

So many miracles came from that virgin birth; one could look at all those healed of their physical ailments and the better life those people had. However, the even greater miracle is not this life but the healing of our souls. Jesus walked this world without sinning; then he defeated sin, death, and the devil so that we would have eternal life and salvation.

The sign of the virgin pointed to the greatest miracle of all: the restoration of fallen people. Please keep our focus on the world peace You have already brought, peace between You and all who believe in You. Guide us to take advantage of the Christmas music playing around us, to tell those who do not know you how the first Christmas Your Son brought peace not of this world but heavenly peace, and where there are no tears or wars. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

Did Mary know? She knew; after all, the angel Gabriel had told her. Did she grasp all that would happen? Can anyone fully understand God’s love, grace, and mercy? Jesus’ earthly miracles pale compared to the miracle of giving eternal life through his suffering, death, and resurrection.