Time for Grace-December 22, 2023

Time for Grace-December 22, 2023

John 1:4-5

In him was life, and the life was the light of mankind. The light is shining in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Dear Lord Jesus,

We all desire life; we were brought into this world to live. Yet each of us will ultimately face our end, which death is a part of our lives, a transformation from this world into the next. So, is the purpose of this life only to die? Thankfully, life is not as bleak as that; instead, it is to be with you to live in eternity.

However, when sin came into the world, so also came death, and the darkness of death’s shadow was over all creation. Without You, there is no life and no hope, but one is destined to spend eternity permanently separated from You, which is permanent death. Since Your will was for people to be saved and live with You forever, You came into the world and brought life for all who trust in You. You are the light of the world that overcame sin’s darkness. You were our perfect sacrifice who took the punishment we deserve into Yourself; You suffered in our place for the sins we have committed.

Light always overcomes darkness, and you have removed that shadow of death over us by Your perfect life and holy death. Everyone who believes in You receives the gift of life.

We thank You for bringing life and light into the world; we pray that You would forgive us all our sins and give us the hope of everlasting life that only comes through faith in You. Let our reaction be one of love towards You and others, sharing this good news with those who do not know You and encouraging those who trust in You so that all will believe and have eternal life. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

Jesus created light in the beginning with his creation and restored the light when he came into the world. He brought life to fallen people in that light, so we know we will have eternal life through Jesus when our end comes.