Time for Grace-February 26, 2024

Time for Grace-February 26, 2024

John 8:58

Jesus said to them, “Amen, Amen, I tell you: Before Abraham was born, I am.”

Dear Lord Jesus,

Your words still ring out as they did when You first said them. “Before Abraham was born, I am.” When Moses asked You, “Who should I say sent me?” You responded, “Tell them the great “I am” sent you.” As the “I am,” You were there at creation beside Your Father and the Holy Spirit, creating everything in the universe. When we fell into sin, You did not remain in heaven but came here to earth to suffer all we suffer, to endure what we endure, and to subject yourself to Your law.

You were tempted in every way we are tempted, but you remained without sin. So when we are tempted, we know that you have already defeated every temptation for us. So that the tempter has no power over us to keep us from You or drive us from You. When we fall into those enticements, we know that You have already forgiven us on the cross, and our bondage to sin is completely removed. Sin, death, and the devil were our great enemies that we could not stand up against on our own, so You willingly came here and defeated them, so in return, we have salvation and eternal life through faith in You.

Please strengthen our faith through Your word that we walk according to Your will in love today so that we will gladly share the good news of Your love and forgiveness with those who do not know You; may they then realize the importance of why You were before Abraham. You gave up heaven for them and us so we all will have salvation and eternal life when this life ends. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

Before Jesus was conceived in Mary, He already was. He knew your need for a Savior and so willingly came to our world to suffer and die for all your sins so that, in the end, you will be taken into His world—heaven. Salvation is yours by faith in Jesus.