Time for Grace-May 23, 2024

Time for Grace-May 23, 2024

Isaiah 30:18

But the Lord is eager to be gracious to you. He waits on high to have mercy on you, for the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all those who long for him.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You desire that all people know about your love for them and your eagerness to be gracious to them. As Isaiah wrote, you wait for them. You are unmoving, unchanging, and just, but our sinful nature moves us away from you. Left on our own, we are your enemies because of our sins. Because of them, You established your plan of salvation to restore us to you.

Your salvational plan was for Jesus to come to live the perfect life we could not; he lived under the law and kept it entirely without committing a single sin. Then, as an innocent man, Jesus willingly died on the cross, suffering the punishment for our sins and defeating sin, death, and the Devil.

While Jesus died for all, his gift of forgiveness is delivered to us through faith in him. In faith, we also receive your mercy and have life; since you carried out your justice on your Son for those who trust in him, we no longer worry because Jesus suffered the punishment for all sins in our place. Blessed are those who long for you; those who trust in Jesus have the promise of salvation and the hope of heaven.

Thank you for your salvational plan, which restored us to your gracious favor. Please send us your Spirit to strengthen our faith so we will share our hope with those who still do not know you. Spark faith in them so they will have salvation and eternal life. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

We might not think of God eagerly waiting for people to believe so they would have salvation. In His word, God also tells of the celebration in heaven for each sinner who repents and believes, which means Jesus’ forgiveness is for you. God wants you to be with Him forever.