More About Grace

More About Grace

History. Christianity. Salvation.

Christ died – that’s history
At Grace, we don’t pretend Jesus is just some fairy tale story or simply an example to follow, He’s true man and true God who lived a real life & brought real change to the world.

Christ died for us – that’s Christianity
Jesus lived for a specific reason, to die. Jesus died for a specific reason, so the world could live. By what He did, Jesus made it possible for a hurting world to find rest in God.

Christ died for you – that’s salvation
Jesus didn’t just come for the world, He came for you! He came so that things could be made right between you & God – so peace could be made between you and your Creator. When God works faith in your heart, things are made right – peace is made, your sin is taken away, & you are promised heaven.

Because of Jesus, YOU have GRACE!

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). The ELS and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) are in doctrinal agreement, and thus our members enjoy fellowship with the many ELS and WELS congregations throughout the United States and the world.