Daily Devotion-September 30, 2023

Daily Devotion-September 30, 2023

Isaiah 40:31 

But those who wait for the Lord will receive new strength. They will lift up their wings and soar like eagles. They will run and not become weary. They will walk and not become tired.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgive us because we have become very impatient. We place deadlines upon ourselves, “I have to get this done, and that finished!” We become anxious and worried over the time limits we set. Yet when we look at the big picture of life, we are waiting for our turn when we get to come home to You. We fret over some of the silliest things, which, when we put them into perspective of heaven, don’t amount to much.

As we wait for You, our time on this earth should be focused on strengthening our faith in Jesus. Because without trusting in the forgiveness he won for us on the cross when he suffered and died for our sins, there is no salvation, no eternal life, and no soaring like eagles. Instead, those who reject Your love and mercy are turned over to the condemnation of hell, where they will suffer for the rest of eternity.

So, Lord, we ask You this: Will You please send us Your Holy Spirit to soften our hearts and strengthen our faith while we wait? We ask that You please forgive us for Jesus’ sake to create new and clean hearts that know and trust in You. So that when it is our turn, we will be with You in heaven, with renewed strength which never grows weary and not limited by these bodies now infected with sin. Please guide us along our way to always cling to You.

We ask for one final thought: allow us to share this good news of forgiveness with someone who does not yet know You. So that your Holy Spirit can work in their hearts while they wait, and they will also be with You in heaven when their turn is ready. Amen.

Written through Pastor Roger Emmons

How shall you spend your time waiting in line? I challenge you to listen to God’s Word, hear about His forgiveness and love for you, and trust in your Savior, Jesus! You can always return to the other line if you prefer to reject his love and forgiveness.